Six Ways to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

Make-up can not only hide a multitude of sins: it can also enhance your features. There are some easy tricks of the trade which can make your eyes appear larger than they actually are, and this is a popular look that many celebrities have perfected.

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There are also some easy to spot mistakes people often make when applying make-up which can have the opposite effect.

The first thing to avoid is applying a heavy layer of dark shadow on the top eye lid. This makes the pupils look darker and smaller and very made up. Another fashionable look is to apply eye pencil on both the top and bottom lids, but this can also have the opposite effect and make the eyes look small and more closed instead of the wide-eyed look which is much more appealing.

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The trick is to use a shadow shade similar to your skin colour or lighter and to apply a good layer of mascara to the top lashes, making sure you cover all the lashes properly.

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Brow Bone

Emphasising the brow bone and filling in the entire area with a highlighter can open up the eye. A natural, fresh-faced and wide-open look is very fashionable right now and perfect for the summer months.

Lash Line

Using a pencil to draw a lash line will giving the impression that the eyes are bigger than they actually are by extending the shape of the eye.

TV celebrity Amanda Holden recently revealed her natural look and went make-up-free and went for a natural hairstyle.

False Lashes

False lashes are much more accessible than they used to be and come in a variety of colours and styles to match all looks and skin tones, making them look as natural as possible.

Contact Lenses

Eyes are often the first part of the face someone looks at when either meeting a person for the first time or greeting a friend. One of the benefits of wearing contact lenses is the option to wear a lighter-coloured lens, which can make the eyes look wider and more alert.


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