Sky TV in the UK – The Revolution in Choice

Sunday 5th February 1989 was the date that television in the UK changed completely – heralding the start of a new era, of a huge choice of channels on many subjects from news and current affairs, to sports to documentaries to kids’ channels. The world of television would never be the same again.

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Rupert Murdoch and Alan Sugar started this ‘revolution in choice’ – Sky television by announcing a 10-year lease of Astra satellites, and Amstrad, Alan Sugars’ company supplied the boxes and satellite dishes that make viewing possible. Gone were the days of what was the four terrestrial television channels, which shut down at night – Sky television offered 24-hour entertainment.

Throughout the years, Sky then started to add more and more channels and hit television shows to its credentials – from entertainment like hit TV show the Simpsons, to coverage of test match cricket. The British public began to make the switch to Sky television to tune in.

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Sky News has won many awards for its thorough news coverage, reported by Kay Burley, from the death of Princess Diana, to 9/11, to the London tube bombings – their reputation for informative rolling news went from strength to strength.

During the past few months, Sky TV has become even more important to many people, who, during lockdown have plenty of time on their hands to enjoy television! Companies such as TV aerial repair Gloucester have been busy making sure that everyone’s home is receiving their satellite signal, and all is working smoothly!

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