Some gift ideas for wine lovers this Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when we treat our loved ones, but holiday shopping can be difficult. You want to get your loved ones gifts that they will actually appreciate, so you are thinking long and hard about your options.

Some gift ideas for wine lovers this Christmas

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Thankfully, if you have wine lovers in your life, there are lots of wonderful gifts for you to consider. From fun, small presents to beautiful wine preservers, here are some present ideas that will certainly bring cheer into a wine lover’s life.

Oversized wine glass

If you have a friend who seems to spend most of their time refilling their glass of wine, consider buying them an oversized wine glass to save them some time. There are lots of different sizes to choose from, and you can even buy a wine glass that fits a whole bottle of wine in it!

Wine preserver

Good wine tastes amazing, but what if you don’t want to drink the whole bottle in one night? If your friend enjoys fine wine but they often end up throwing away the end of a bottle, you could buy them a wine preserver.

According to the Telegraph some wine stoppers can preserve the wine for a week or longer – which is more than enough time for a true wine lover!

Wooden bath caddy

If you have a friend who loves to relax in the bath with a chilled glass of wine, treat them to a wooden bath caddy for Christmas. It will hold a wine glass, a candle or a book, so it is perfect for anyone who likes to spend a long time in the tub.

Wine tasting session

One of the best gift ideas for a wine lover is a wine tasting session, as they get to learn more about wine while drinking it! If you are looking to book a wine tasting session in Northern Ireland, check out websites such as They are online wine merchants in Northern Ireland who offer wine tasting sessions as well as quality bottles of wine.

Wine gummies

If you have someone in your life who loves wine and sweets, give them a gift that combines their two favourite things. Wine gummies can be bought online, and they are the perfect sweet treat for wine lovers.

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