Songs about Electricity

Getting frustrated with the long, cold dark days of winter? At least we have our lights and heating! In honour of all things electric – here are some much-loved songs inspired by electricity:

Together in Electric Dreams – Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder

Written specifically for the movie Electric Dreams, this is one of the most-loved cheesy 80s songs. The film itself is about a love triangle between a man, a woman and a computer. The movie was never a hit and never came close to the popularity of other ’80s sci-fi hits like Weird Science or Gremlins.

Electricity – OMD

OMD originally sent as a demo to Factory Records founder Tony Wilson, who thought it was a bit of a dud, but his wife liked it so he was persuaded to buy it and release it. This led to a seven album record deal worth £ 250,000.

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Danger! High Voltage – Electric Six

A cautionary tale around electrical safety, this song is amazing and the music video it even better despite not aging well.

Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant

Despite the upbeat tone, the song was actually written by Eddy Grant in response to the Brixton riots of April 1981 and intended to be a wakeup call for politicians. Fun Fact: Electric Avenue in Brixton was one of the first street in Brixton to be lit by electricity, hence the name.

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She’s Electric – Oasis

Although the song did not offer any reason why the woman in the song was electric (aside from being from a family of strange people) it’s a classic 90’s indie track. In October 2018, Oasis made a video to accompany the song and mark the 23rd anniversary of the release of their iconic album, What’s the Story Morning Glory?

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Are friends electric? – Tubeway Army

This song reached No.1 in May 1979 and stayed at the top spot for four weeks. This classic electro track has been sampled so many times that it’s good to remind yourself what a belter the original song is. It also paved the way for the successful solo career of Gary Numan.

Mr Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

Top tunes and the word ‘electric’ in the band’s name! No further explanation is needed.

Electric Worry – Clutch

Last but not least, is a band who unified the rock and metal scene. Electric Worry is one of their great songs, especially when performed live and will go down in history as an absolute banger!

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