Strong Growth in Rwanda Tourism to Continue in 2016

Maybe you’re considering your next trip and looking for somewhere different and exciting? If so, you can look no further than Rwanda. It’s experiencing a huge growth in tourism, and rightly so in a country filled with history, natural beauty and more than a few surprises. Did you know, for instance, that the capital, Kigali, was an early adopter of the rule banning plastic bags? It’s easy to see that this is a country with much to offer.
Strong Growth in Rwanda Tourism to Continue in 2016

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Nature Up Close

You might want to see waterfalls, volcanoes or rain forests. All are possible in Rwanda. Here, however, we outline the attractions available should you consider a once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trekking holiday. Rwanda is small and land-locked and surrounded by neighbours, including Burundi and Tanzania. It is also known as the land of ‘a thousand hills’, and its many National Parks offer a variety of adventures to see the plethora of wildlife. One such park is Volcanoes National Park in north-western Rwanda. Home to the endangered mountain gorillas, it was also where Dian Fossey lived and worked to help them.

A Unique Opportunity

In fact, Rwanda is one of only two countries where it’s possible to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, and their presence has been a major contributing factor the resurgence of tourism in the country. In addition, the tourists and more importantly the cash inflow are facilitating their future conservation, as a percentage of tourism revenues is passed back to the National Parks to extend their work.

As well as the gorillas, the park has peaks of nearly 4,500 metres, an extensive trail network and rarely seen forest elephants. You can also find golden monkeys – an endangered species native to the Virunga volcanoes. It’s possible to have an incredibly close primate experience with these monkeys, who live in family groups, and you can watch them feasting on wild fruits and plant leaves. If you are interested in a visit to this fascinating country, then can help you design the ideal itinerary for your trip.

Rwanda is on the up in 2016, and a visit might be the ideal experience to add to your ‘bucket list’. After all, who wouldn’t want to see these incredible creatures up close and contribute to their future well-being?

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