Taking flight in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is home to hundreds of great attractions. If you own a timeshare in Florida but have never fully explored the city, you may want to include a helicopter tour during your next stay. These tours give you a bird’s eye view of your favorite amusement parks and other interesting spots. There are dozens of options to choose from, making it easy to find a tour that fits your budget and time frame.

Taking flight in Orlando

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See The Sights

Some helicopter tours cover a range of different sights, while others focus on giving you an in depth view of a single park. Consider booking a tour that flies over the Disney Resort, Typhoon Lagoon, SeaWorld, Universal Studios or Disney World and the Animal Kingdom. Most of these flights occur during the day so you and your family can watch the colorful rides in motion.

However, you can also have an amazing experience at night when you fly over Epcot Center during the fireworks and laser show. Your view will be unrivaled.

Other attractions that serve as destinations for many helicopter tours include the massive beach homes of the rich and famous. See the mansions and backyards of celebrities like Vince Carter, Tiger Woods and Ken Griffey Jr. The top down view lets you see far more than you can spot from a ground level walking or shuttle tour. Natural features also play a role in most helicopter tours in Orlando. Many tours include at least one sweep over the Butler lake chain; a stunning location which may result in you looking at timeshare resales in order to relocate here!

Affordable Options

Nearly all of the helicopter tour operators offer packages at multiple price points so everyone can find something they can afford. Many shorter trips that only fly over one or two major attractions cost about $28 per person. These prices include all of the surcharges, taxes and other fees for the helicopter operation. Longer tours start at $32 and run up to over $300. There are plenty of fun options in the $50 range and exciting adventures at the $100 price point. Some tour companies provide discounts if you book a tour for your entire family and fill the helicopter.


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Short and Extended Tours

Due to the quick speed of the helicopter, your operator will cover quite a bit of ground in a short time. The most affordable packages include a round trip of between eight and ten miles, which takes about five to six minutes. Tours that cover most of the top parks will fly a loop of at least 15 miles, leaving you in the air for around 10 minutes. Longer packages provide you with 15, 20 or 30 minutes of air time. The biggest flight paths end up ranging over 65 to 70 miles in a large spiral pattern.

Top Rate Transportation

Most tour operators use large and well-equipped helicopters for their flights. The R-44 is the most common smaller model. It holds three passengers comfortably. Bell Jet Rangers are also used because they can carry four people in addition to the operator. Both models often feature air conditioning and comfortable seating for the ultimate experience.

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