Ten things to do when visiting Kas

This chilled town has many things to see and do, making it a perfect holiday destination.

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1 Visit Kaputas Beach

Just 18km outside Kas is the spectacular Kaputas beach. There is an awesome colour effect to watch out for where the water from the mountains meets the sea.

2 Diving

Diving or snorkelling is one of the highlights of a holiday in Kas. There is a wide selection of places to dive in the vicinity, with excellent visibility enabling you to see the plentiful fish and giant turtles that frequent this area.

3 Stroll around town

If you are staying in one of the many Kas Villas, it is an easy walk into the main part of town. A wander along the bougainvillaea-lined streets will enable you to get your bearings and a feel for this friendly place.

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4 Visit the amphitheatre

The old amphitheatre, which is lit up at night, is just a five-minute walk if your Kas villa is in a central location. An evening stroll is recommended to see the beautiful structure, which is still in good condition.

5 Boat to Greece

For a day trip, a great idea is to hop on a boat to the Greek island of Meis. This is a 20-minute ride away and a perfect spot to enjoy Greek cuisine, relax and swim.

6 Paragliding

With mountains so close, Kas is perfect to try paragliding. A ten-minute drive will enable you to paraglide over the town, enjoying the views and landing in the marina.

7 Enjoy the sunset

The close proximity to the mountains is also ideal for enjoying the sunset. Try renting a scooter and zooming up at dusk for a beautiful, peaceful view.

8 Browse the market

Perfect to explore from Kas villas is the market on a Friday. Everything from fresh vegetables to cheap clothing and handmade crafts is available.

9 Visit the Xanthos ruins

It is easy to catch a bus to Xanthos and explore the impressive ruins, which are just a ten-minute walk from the bus station.

10 Boat to Limanagzi

Just a few minutes on a boat takes you from Kas harbour to Limanagzi, which has some wonderful beaches. Remember to check for the last boat back, as there is no road to Kas!

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