The Benefits of a Private Education

To enable their children to have the best possible start in life, many parents choose a private school education. Whether that’s a day school, boarding school or alternative school – there is a great deal more choice on offer than your nearest state comprehensive. There is sure to be a type of school to suit every child’s needs. Here are some of the important reasons why parents feel it’s worth the financial commitment:

Smaller class sizes

This is one of the top factors for parents wanting a private education for their child. It is generally accepted that smaller class sizes see greater benefits for pupils, such as improved academic performance and achievement. Whatever teaching method, all private and independent schools have an increased focus on smaller class sizes to enable pupils to get that help they need in weaker areas and truly shine in their strong ones. Having a teacher focused on the abilities and needs of fewer children means that teacher can spend more time with each individual. For Gloucestershire Private Schools, visit

Teaching Staff

A high percentage of parents believe the dedication of teachers is better at private establishments. Not only are the teachers highly qualified but also extremely passionate about the subjects that they teach. Many private school teachers have advanced knowledge and academic credentials in their chosen field. Pupils will be exposed to passion about a subject and might see their teachers as role-models who inspire them.

More Parental Involvement

As fee-paying parents, private schools often make much more of an effort to involve parents in the school community. There are more parent-teacher meetings, organised social events and a strong community of committees for fund-raising etc. This increased parental involvement can be hugely beneficial for a child’s learning and school experience. It can strengthen the bond between child and parent, who have a better understanding of each other as a result.

Safety & Behaviour

Private education has a reputation for holding high standards of discipline and respect. This could be thanks to the lower staff to pupil ratio, meaning better observation and handling of behaviour issues. Many parents believe that the discipline learned at such a school will benefit their child throughout life and help them to be more successful. This is especially the case for those who go on to university, where they need to have discipline to attend lectures and work independently for example.

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Better Resources

As an establishment that charges a fee, you can expect a far greater array of available resources. There are ample classroom resources, better equipped sports facilities, art studios, gyms, dance halls, music centres and fully equipped technology suites. This provides far greater opportunity for pupils to explore what interests them and pursue their talents.

Extracurricular Activities

Whilst academically strong, private schools also encourage a well-rounded education and encourage pupils to take part in a very wide range of extracurricular activities. There are a whole host of benefits to engaging in such activities, from increased focus and concentration, providing a break from academic stress, developing new skills and socialising.

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