The benefits of going to the gym

Going to a gym can be as natural to some as bathing or eating. For the majority, however, it’s an activity we attempt to muster up the energy for maybe once weekly, and if we manage half an hour, we feel super proud of ourselves.

We know the usual reasons to go, but logic and reason go out the door after a long day of work when the sofa and TV looks much more inviting.

Although our natural inclination is towards relaxation when possible, there are some good reasons to go to the gym, even when all you want to do is nothing.

  1. Your body will thank you eventually.

Your body may feel stiff and sore as soon as you exercise, and probably will not feel too great during training, either. But strengthening your body keeps it in shape to fight disease and prevent it from becoming soft and weak.

Exercise strengthens your muscles, heart and bones, decreases your blood pressure and reduces body fat.

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  1. It will enhance your relationship.

You’ll feel sexier. You’ll be confident when with your partner, friends or co-workers in those sleek new clothes that you’ll be proud to show off. You will also have more energy to be around the people in your life. You will want to go out and be social rather than sitting around. Exercising gives us our energy and agility back, in all areas!

  1. You’ll feel better.

It’s a good feeling to walk out of the gym – at least feeling much better than walking in! It causes your body to release happy chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins interact with the receptors of your brain to reduce pain, so you experience the feelings of euphoria and excitement. Why take drugs or drink when your body can make its own chemical concoctions of happiness? For a Gym Dublin, contact

  1. It will improve your sleep.

Many of us toss and turn, and sometimes end up popping prescription sleep aids or drugs to get a good night’s sleep. Exercise, on the other hand, tires the body naturally, without the use of aids. A result that is healthier, deeper sleep. You’ll pass out when you hit the pillow if you have already had a full day with some extra exercise into the mix.

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  1. You will be less stressed.

For some who are overweight, or very critical of themselves, being in the gym may feel stressful and embarrassing. It’s hard not to compare yourself with the fit around you. In spite of all these feelings, going to the gym really does lower stress. Fighting those feelings of anxiety about entering the gym or not being in top shape will be hugely rewarded when you begin to feel better, happier, fitter and more confident and responsible for your health as a result. Stress comes in part from having time on our hands to allow our minds to rise from one worry to the next, and also from unhealthy habits that lead to physical problems, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.


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