The link between leadership models and employee wellbeing

Managing employee wellbeing, which often means reducing stress, is important because staff who feel good perform better and are more productive. Anxious, unwell staff will not be doing their best in the workplace so it makes sense to create an environment which supports their health.

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Better management, less stress

Research indicates that better line management has a significant effect on employee wellbeing, in particular, staff stress levels. Managers can take an active role in reducing and even eliminating stress for those working with them. In one survey, more than 40 percent of Human Resources professionals stated poor styles of management were top three in their company as a cause of stress. Bad management can also be a cause of stress on its own.

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Around half a million workers in the UK are affected by acute workplace stress. To learn more about just how debilitating it can be, see this report in The Guardian.

Healthy solutions

To improve the situation in workplaces, it is important to know how good management can help, and what this looks like. Research demonstrates that there are links between certain kinds of management styles and the improved wellbeing of employees.

Transformational leadership, where the manager works with their teams to guide and inspire, is one style of management that is cited as having a positive effect. Infrastructure which supports manager learning, development and perspectives will increase skill acquisition. The culture of the organisation will also affect the way managers carry out their tasks, and a culture which supports skill development and taking time to reflect on ways of valuing workplace relationships more will also assist. Managers can also be suffering from stress themselves and must have adequate tools and resources for managing their own work levels.

An occupational health department that takes these issues seriously can boost productivity. If you are running or managing a local business then an occupational health Cardiff based business could assist. So to find out more about what occupational health Cardiff based companies offer, it would make sense to contact reputable professionals in this sector.

In most workplaces, people are fundamental to ongoing success. People need optimal conditions to be well and thrive, and in turn, making sure these are in place will have a tangible effect on the productivity of a successful firm.

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