The rise of the glamping holiday

It is the new form of camping that has risen significantly in popularity in recent years. With its very name being a combination of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’, glamping combines the fun and adventure of a camping holiday with the luxuries of hotel accommodation. From traditional locations is the United Kingdom to far-flung exotic destinations on the other side of the world, there is certainly no shortage of places offering glamping holidays. The choice of accommodation is also vast, from barns and farmhouses to cabins, tree houses and glamping pods. In some locations you may even want to pack some of you favourite Plus Size Dresses like the ones that you can find at to enjoy an evening out in the local area.

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The history of glamping

As reported in the Guardian, the glamping revolution of recent years has had the knock-on effect of increasing the popularity of traditional camping, leading to a merger of two of the UK’s biggest holiday firms. The ever-increasing types of accommodation used for glamping, such as those listed in the Telegraph, has begun to attract the more affluent traveller who otherwise may never consider trying this type of holiday.

Although only increasing in popularity as a holiday option in recent years, the concept of glamping stretches back more than a century. Wealthy travellers on safari in Africa and certain locations in Europe demanded a certain standard of accommodation when out in the wild. This original glamping experience is still very much in effect today, with many safari holidays offering accommodation in luxury tents, yurts or cabins.

A vast choice of glamping accommodation types

The range of accommodation types on offer today is astounding. Exotic safari destinations feature vast safari tents almost marquee-like in size and luxury log cabins with all the mod-cons; however, people who want to experience the glamping phenomenon do not necessarily have to travel across the globe. There are many locations across the UK that give people the opportunity to get back to nature whilst staying in traditional forms of accommodation.

Glamping has taken a number of elements from the traditional camping holiday and given them a 21st century twist. Remarkably it has also proven to be recession-proof. Despite the global financial uncertainty of recent years, exotic glamping holidays have continued to rise in popularity. As technology continues to advance, it will be interesting to see how far the available amenities in glamping accommodation around the world manage to evolve.

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