The story of the three pigs had a lot of meaning

It’s not until your older you really realise what the stories you heard as a child really meant and what they are really telling you.

There is one story that always made sense and we seem to of stuck to with in the construction industry.

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In the beginning of the story the three pigs all leave home on their first big journey out into the world looking for their first home. They come to the decision that they should build their house from scratch.  The first pig sees straw and starts building a straw house because its quick and he can get in straight away.  The wolf comes along which I can’t help but think is a representation of weather and which can happen in nature and blows the house down. The pig gets out thankfully and runs to find the second pig.

In the meanwhile the second pig has found some sticks and builds herself a house which is pretty sturdy, well built, has taken longer than the first house but she is in and made it homely. She made quite a lot of mess and dust so to be safe got a Dust Monitor from sites like to evaluate the air and make sure its not at dangerous levels.   She literally just sits down to rest when the first pig turns up and wants to come in.  The wolf (bad weather) comes along and blows that house down to.  The pigs escape and start running to the next pigs house.

The third pig had found bricks and had started building a huge building with a great base, sturdy cement and lots of supporting internal walls.  Luckily the other two pigs come long and help finish it just in time.  The wolf comes along and well it can’t blow the house down, because the third pig took the longer road, spent more time and effort and put everything into it.  A house is just a building, a home is full of love.


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So the moral of the story is if you don’t succeed the first time keep trying and also don’t rush into things, take your time, plan it and think.  Working together also meant a stronger outcome as your only as strong as your weakest link.  And your link can be extra strong when your together.

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