The trends shaping modern retail

The retail market has seen huge changes over recent years, predominantly due to the rise in internet shopping. Retailers battling to survive in the modern world are having to offer consumers much more in order to persuade them to part with their hard-earned cash. This is especially true of the supermarket industry, where competition is extremely high.

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Supermarkets have seen one of the biggest changes over recent years, with technology advancing at such a rate that consumers can now scan and pay for their groceries without needing any human intervention at all. Customers are deciding how and when to shop, including ordering food online and having it delivered to their door within hours.

Fresh Food

Online supermarket shopping already accounts for a huge chunk of the market, and this is set to grow. Any retailer wanting to compete has to be able to offer consumers what they want and need. This includes fresh and frozen food, which require the logistics to be at the forefront of their business.

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In-store shopping

Supermarkets saw the lowest sales figures for three years in December. However, many consumers still like to shop in stores. This experience is also set to change with the introduction of interactive apps that can assist consumers with finding products and offers based on their shopping habits.

Stores are also offering different shopping aids for their customers, including introducing the flatbed trolley. The flatbed trolley is perfect for those buying bulk or purchasing large items.

Loyalty Programmes

Incentives such as loyalty points that offer discounts to customers are also set to expand. By registering, the customer is giving stores data that allows them to be targeted with personalised offers and promotions.

Virtual Shopping

This relatively new idea was started by an airline that allowed consumers using the social media app Instagram to click on an image of a photo and instantly get access to booking a holiday. This kind of technology has the potential to change how people shop.

Consumer Demands

Consumers have the power to change the way people think about a store or product. Just one complaint on social media can go viral and affect the reputation of a business. Consumers are demanding stores react to the climate change movement and reduce their packaging and waste, and supermarkets in particular need to react to this demand.

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