The unwritten rules of media relations

As a business, understanding the power of the media and getting it on your side is vital; in fact, this can be the difference between success and failure.

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Building relationships with journalists and media representatives who work in your particular industry is all part of business, but knowing how to handle this relationship needs careful planning and consideration.

US President Donald Trump is well known for his regular run-ins with journalists, demonstrating just how influential they can be.

Don’t hassle

If you make contact via email, do not expect an instant response and certainly do not chase for at least 24 hours. Journalists receive hundreds of emails every day. Unless you have a breaking news story that you are confident they will want to hear, be respectful of their time and wait patiently.

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Don’t exaggerate

If you have a big story, make sure it is genuinely interesting and worth their while hearing it. If you build it up to get their attention and then try to persuade them to publicise your business, this can backfire. Journalists do not like to be used and will see right through any such plan. Trying this could potentially rule out any future publicity or – even worse – get your business negative press coverage.

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Social media

Most high-profile businesses need to engage on social media, but avoid direct messaging a journalist on Twitter. Do your homework to find out how they prefer to be contacted, and respect their privacy. Journalists are working in a competitive industry and will not want their work discussed on an open forum for all to see.

Be honest

If you do get to speak to a journalist in your industry, be honest. A journalist is also an investigator and may well know a lot more about you and your company than you think, so they are likely to know if you are not telling them the truth.

Don’t be tempted to say too much

Journalists are very good at getting people to talk; after all, it is their job. Remember to be professional and don’t say anything that you wouldn’t want in print.

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