Things you might not know about your septic tank

The pumping schedule for each household is different

The general rule for septic tank pumping is that you have to pump your tank every 3-5 years. However, there are a number of factors that affect your pumping schedule. The use of your home, the size of your tank, the weather, the age of your system, and other factors can all change your pumping schedule. For this reason, any individual with a septic system has a different pumping ideal schedule. Fortunately, a professional septic service company can identify your ideal pumping schedule to ensure that you never go off track. For Septic Tank Emptying Worcester, visit a site like BSA Environmental, a supplier of Septic Tank Emptying Worcester

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Things you shouldn’t flush

Many people tend to flush all manner of things down the toilet, as long as it fits. However, if you have a septic system, flushing disapproved items can damage your it. If you have a septic system, you must only flush water, human waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Pet waste, oil, food from your kitchen sink, and feminine hygiene products can all disrupt the balance of bacteria in the septic tank, affecting its ability to properly break down waste. To keep your septic tank healthy, always be sure to watch what you flush.

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The tank affects the groundwater system on your property

Did you know that your septic system impacts the existing ground water on your property? The water from your home goes down your drains, eventually travelling to the field side channel of your septic system. In the field of your drain, the water is filtered and released into the soil as clean groundwater clean. For this reason, when your septic system is not working properly, it can lead to groundwater contamination. While you might think about your septic system as only part of your home, it is actually important for the whole of your property.

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