Three Flooring Options You May Not Have Considered

We are all familiar with the standard floor coverings: carpet in the living rooms, hardwood floor in a room or two for a bit of variety and tiles probably in the bathroom and kitchen. They all perform very well and allow for a variety of colours and textures in many fine homes. Most homes can be enhanced by a special floor covering that can add class, style and soon become a talking point.

Three Flooring Options You May Not Have Considered

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Make Your Floor a Talking Point

Flooring which was salvaged from large buildings can provide an excellent source of real old-world quality that has already passed the test of time. Reclaimed floor boards from mills, warehouses and factories come in a variety of woods. Everything from rare eucalyptus and oak to antique pine will add warmth and colour. One interesting choice is the use of planks reclaimed from old railway carriages.

If you like a little pattern or mosaic-type style, then parquet flooring provides some excellent choices. They can be sourced from many woods, such as oak, lime, pine, maple, cherry and walnut. They can be set out in many different patterns, including the traditional herring-bone style.

Reclaimed Parquet de Versailles also adds an interesting feature. These are often used in larger rooms. They are essentially parquet but made into large squares rather like large tiles.

These reclaimed wood floors, once sanded back to enhance the natural grain, can be a true thing of beauty. These can be further enhanced with the application of waxes or oils that can bring out the grain, pattern and texture of the wood. They can also add more depth or change the colour or tone.

Where to Find Such Gems?

You will not find these items at the local builders’ merchants, that is for sure. You need to discover the world of reclamation yards and architectural salvagers. Sometimes these are linked to demolition companies. A quick search online will soon reveal sources local to you. As an example, if you are looking for parquet flooring in Ireland, then Wilsons Yards would be a possible source.

If you want some real talking points in your home and enjoy having something with a little age and history, the place to start may be with some interesting flooring. It could well be the first step in a new passion.

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