Tools of the trade for dentists

Dentists spend many years in training to learn all the necessary techniques and methods to keep your teeth in good shape and healthy. To do this, they rely on a lot of tools, materials, equipment and technology to treat your teeth and provide cosmetic improvements. Here are some of the most common instruments and tools you will see next time you visit the dentist:


You’ll most likely see a mirror each time you visit for a check-up or treatment. To be able to see your teeth and mouth effectively, a dentist relies on a mirror to get a good look at what’s going on in tough to reach areas inside your mouth. A mirror is the dentist’s most useful tooth, enabling them to spot any potential issues and treatment needs. You might wander how items that are not disposable are kept clean between patients. The perfect choice is ultrasonic cleaning. For an effective Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, visit

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Dental probes

These look a little unnerving but are nothing to fear. Dental probes are simply used to explore inside the mouth and examine all areas. The different types of probes include a periodontal probe that is used for looking for potential problems like cavities and recession of the gums.


Anybody who needs invasive treatment will want their dentist to administer some anaesthetic as the enamel inside teeth and nerves in the teeth and gums are incredibly sensitive. So, you don’t experience any pain, a local anaesthetic will be given by injection or paste to effectively numb the area. You might also see a syringe during the treatment, not for an injection but for rinsing the mouth with water or drying it out to help the dentist carry out the procedure.


After needles, this is the tool that provokes the most fear and dread. The grinding sounds and vibrations feel very unnerving but shouldn’t cause you any pain. The drill is needed to remove decay from teeth before a filling in the case of a cavity. It is also used to polish the teeth to leave a smooth finish after treatment is finished.


As the name suggests, these instruments are used to remove any hard accumulation of plaque around the gum line. Sometimes, plaque can harden to the point where it is tough to remove by brushing alone, and a scaler does the job of scraping it off when used by a dentist or hygienist.

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Suction Hose

While you’re having treatment, to remove anything in the way, such as debris or saliva, a small suction hose is used to gently rid your mouth of these obstructions.


If you’ve ever needed braces, then you’ll be familiar with the mould they use to cast an accurate shape of your teeth. The liquid material is poured into a mould to get an impression of your teeth and bite. The impression is filled with plaster, left to set and then provides a perfect model of your teeth.


Problems are not always visible to the naked eye and in this case, the dentist can perform an x-ray. This provides a much more detailed picture of what is happening with the bones and teeth. This can also identify problems early on so treatment can start straight away.

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