Turn that frown upside down

We can’t all be happy and cheerful all the time and could all use a little cheering up now and again. Whether it’s being stuck in traffic, issues at work or problems with your kids, us grownups can find ourselves frowning a lot without realising we’re doing it. But did you know that those frowns can be making our wrinkles worse? Now, that’s something to frown about – if it weren’t so bad for your skin! Here are some things you can try to cheer yourself up:

  1. Find a puppy to play with

Who can resist the charms of an adorable puppy? If you know someone who has just got a dog or had a litter of puppies, organise a coffee date and go play with little energetic balls of fluff for an hour or so. You’ll be in heaven and there definitely won’t be a frown around.

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  1. Have a treatment

If you really want to rid yourself of lines and wrinkles that have already formed, why not consider Gloucester Botox? Botox Treatments in Gloucestershire by Doctor Kate are a great option.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is great for a sour mood. It helps to ground you and put things into perspective. Take a few minutes every day to sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing. You’ll feel much calmer and more in control.

  1. Watch feel good movies

Sad movies or watching the news will do nothing for your facial muscles, so choose happy films or comedies instead. Movies are also an excellent way to distract yourself from personal problems that might be bothering you. Choose a feel-good film and something that’s going to have you laughing and smiling, not frowning!

  1. Music

Soothe your soul with your favourite playlist for those down days. Music has an incredible ability to bring happiness, so choose the right songs and turn up the stereo or your headphones and release your pent-up stress.

  1. Comfort food

Whilst we shouldn’t turn to this all the time to solve our problems, there is no harm in being kind to ourselves occasionally when we’re feeling cranky. A contented stomach can make for a contented mind. So, eat that chocolate cake or big bag of crisps. Consider your cheat meal if you’re on a diet.

  1. Go bright

There’s little science behind it but if you wear black or navy all the time, it can possibly affect your mood. If you’re feeling miserable, why not stick on a bright orange tee-shirt? It’s bound to make you feel a bit brighter and cheerful than compounding your gloom with dark colours.

  1. Hot bath

Treat yourself to a hot, bubbly relaxing bath after a bad day. You’ll feel your body instantly relax as you wash away the stresses and strains of the day. It will help to calm nerves and leave you feeling more peaceful.

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  1. Dance

Dancing is good for both the mind and body. Get out of your comfort zone, bust some silly moves and you won’t be able to do anything other than laugh and smile. Exercise will release those endorphins and have you feeling better from head to toe.

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