UK’s Popular Cat Breeds

The popularity of different cat breeds changes every year, just as there are trends in anything. There are hundreds of breeds of cats across the world, but what are the most favoured cat breeds in the UK?

  1.  Bengal

Bengal cats are classed as a hybrid as they are the result of a cross between domestic cats, such as Siamese and the Asian Leopard Cat. The Asian influence is what gives the Bengal its unique and stunning striped leopard-like markings. Bengals are usually described with an ‘F’ number, which refers to how many generations have passed since the original wild cat cross-breeding took place. The lower the ‘F’ number, the higher the price the cat will command.

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  1. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of our most-loved native breeds. It is one of the breeds that is most common for showing. The cat has a beautiful luxurious coat and a stocky, muscular build that gives it a gorgeous soft and rounded appearance.

  1.  The Persian

This is a cat that is instantly recognised for its squished facial appearance and long fur that begs to be stroked. There are two varieties, the Peke-faced, which is the one we’re most familiar with, and the Doll-faced, with slightly more delicate features. When you go on holiday, make sure you find the best Cheltenham Cattery for your favourite feline. For more information, visit

  1. Siamese cat

With a reputation for being aloof, the slinky and exotic Siamese is a very popular choice in the UK. The lean feline has a distinctive triangular face, large pointed ears and are said to be as loyal and loving as a dog. Their meow is also quite unique and has been compared to that of a crying baby.

  1.  The Ragdoll

This is a breed adored for its incredible cuteness. It’s a large breed with a big, fluffy coat and an adorable temperament. They get their ragdoll name due to their habit of going of going completely limp when picked up. They adore being cuddled, fussed and carried about but are rather naïve and not particularly streetwise.

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  1.  The Sphynx

This breed stands out for its hairlessness. The Sphynx normally lives as an indoor cat due to its lack of protection against the elements. Another unusual thing about the Sphynx is that it needs regular bathing to keep skin in top condition. Unlike most other cats, the Sphynx greatly enjoys this routine!

  1. Burmese

With a similar meow to the Siamese, the Burmese has a very different short-haired coat of shiny, luxurious appearance. They are a medium-sized breed, rounded in shape and quite muscular. They are a good choice for those seeking a loving and loyal companion with an inquisitive nature.





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