Using Wi-Fi with Safety

The mobile internet is the new way of using the internet these days. Mobile provides you the convenience of connecting with your contacts and internet. You wish to play games online, or send any email, or you want to google something, or use social networking site or if you want to use check the stock prices, you can easily access these with internet and with a mobile. However Internet on mobile does not come very cheap, the mobile internet services only provide you with limited usage and less speed and considering it, one may think twice before using the internet on mobile. With free Wi-Fi hotspots being available at many public places like coffee shops, airports, restaurants or bookstores, it has made using the internet on your mobiles, more convenient and possible.

Risks of Using Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi hotspots, commonly known as Wi-Fi has become very common in many countries. Places like coffee shops or restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to attract customers. However, if it’s coming for free it need not come secure. Free Wi-Fi cannot be trusted always. There are many threats and risks of using free Wi-Fi. When you use Virtual private network also known as VPN it is used to protect your data while using the internet. When you connect to internet via VPN the VPN helps encrypt your IP address and hence you visit the website as an anonymous user, which your identity and your IP address is not revealed easily and this way you are saving yourself from getting targeted from hackers or key stokers. So this means when you are processing any payment, by using credit cards, your crucial information and data is hidden and hence it protects you while using the internet. With a VPN you save yourself from the risks of identity thefts. So VPN are safe ways to use the internet. However, this VPN is not available for wire connection that is for PC in the office or home. They can be used for mobile.

For mobile using Wi-Fi is more convenient, But Free Wi-Fi come with many risks, When you are using free Wi-Fi your identity is not kept anonymous like it is done IN VPN, your identity is free access, which can risk your identity at the same time risk your data to hackers or key loggers. Many free Wi-Fi do not seem secured. You might have an antivirus system on your phone; however an antivirus might protect you, but not your data. Most of the time we use free Wi-Fi to connect to social networking sites, where we have passwords, but when your identity is not protected these passwords do not help you much. Apart from that you do not know if these hotspots are actually real, at times they could be created by hackers to grab and access information of different users, and chances are that they might be sold to genuine business owners who are not aware of the Wi-Fi is unsafe, and hence they use it for their business region, people unknowingly using such free Wi-Fi can risk their data and identity at the same time. Apart from that free Wi-Fi zones can be a favorite hangout for hackers, as they very well know that the unsecured Wi-Fi can help them find and access data of different users. These data could mean sensitive information like banking details, or passwords for different sites. It is advisable not to use free Wi-Fi for processing such sensitive transaction.

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