VoIP Leads The Way once again

It’s usually the case that technologies have a few years at the top and then get superseded by something newer or faster or cheaper or better.

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VoIP is unusual in this respect because it was the ‘next big thing’ back in 2006. It then went out of fashion for a while, but in 2018 it came back in the limelight and is forecast to continue to grow rapidly over the next few years.

Comms Networks Catch Up

So why this sudden resurgence in popularity? The key factor is that the first time around the technology infrastructure simply wasn’t right for VoIP to be able to take off. Many people may of needed help with it and guidance, which they may still need now. In these cases it’s always best to contact specialists in this area for instance reformit.co.uk/ who offer IT support Cheltenham way. Back in 2006 many people were still accessing the internet over copper broadband connections.

Now, while you can use VoIP over copper, it has limitations. It’s fine with a small number of users or for one-to-one Skypes with your cousin in New Zealand, but get a large number of users and the bandwidth is not sufficient to give the reliability and call quality required.

Today, though, we have the majority of businesses accessing the internet over fibre optic connections – either broadband or Ethernet leased line connections. This means there’s much more bandwidth available. As a result, wholesale AZ VoIP termination is more reliable, and call quality is equivalent to – or even better than – traditional PSTN systems.

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Follow the Money

The other reason that VoIP has taken off in recent years is cost. Enterprises are seeking to be more competitive and looking for ways to make savings, and VoIP scores highly here.

First of all, call costs are lower, so if you make a lot of calls you can realise significant savings, particularly if you regularly call overseas. But that’s only part of the story. There are also savings to be had elsewhere. You don’t need a PABX, so there’s a capital saving, plus you recoup the funds you would have spent powering and maintaining it. You can even free up the floor space it would have taken up.

You benefit from added business agility too. A VoIP comms system is easier to expand, so as your business grows you can add more users without the lead times of ordering new hardware and at minimal extra cost.


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