What a long way to run!

Running as a hobby and way of keeping fit seems to have exploded in the last few years. With many people taking part in 5K, 10K and Marathon races. If you are looking to hold an event then it is worth looking at events medical cover and the following company can help with this https://www.outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover/. Marathons have gained popularity more than any other for the casual runner. There is a real badge of honour to say that you have completed one. The London marathon remains the pinnacle of Marathon running and attracts thousands to run its course every year. In fact, it so over subscribed that it works on t a lottery basis to see if you will be accepted. Many have tried year after year only to be disappointed. Considering the age of the runners, some in there 80’s it may be a while but eventually you will get there.

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The London marathon was first run in 1981 and has continued ever since. The first result was a draw. As the two competitors came to the last mile it was clear that a discussion between the two was going on. Rather than have a massive battle to the end, it was decided by the runners to finish together to celebrate the sprit that the race was being run and for the future if the event as a coming together of cultures and people for the sake of sporting achievement. There are so many entrants that there are 3 start points and times. The Professional runners now have their own start as it is unfair to expect someone dressed as Rhino and running for charity to be next to Mo Farrah. It would put him off for one thing. The route itself has changed very little since its start in 1981, the only significant change being that the finish is now at The Mall and not Westminster bridge. This allows for thee to be more support units at the end of the race as the bridge, whilst an evocative finish, was becoming impractical due to the scope of the entrants and the crowd that was gathering to see the end of the race.

The route still manages to take in some of the most iconic feature of London. This is needed to keep the runners going as it is thought that landmarks and features, plus knowing that you are near to them will spur you own to reach them. One of the most famous is the tea Clipper the Cutty Sark and the it is said that passing under Tower Bridge and past the Tower of London is one of the most amazing running experiences you can ever have.

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