What are this year’s big colour trends?

If you’re colourphobic then look away now, because 2019 isn’t going to be a great year for you. Colour is back with a bang, from Kim Kardashian-inspired neon brights to Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Coral. Colour blocking is still a huge trend and contrast is huge, inspiring lighter and darker tones of some familiar colours.

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From Buttermilk, to tie-dye, these are the colours you’ll be wearing in 2019:

Living Coral

Pantone describe this warm and vibrant coral as “a nurturing colour” that appears everywhere from the natural world to social media. Midway between pink and orange, this is a highly wearable colour that adds a real pop of cool to any outfit. This is one of the hottest shades for 2019, so expect to see it on everything from lips and nails to maxi dresses.

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Buttermilk yellow

This is the grown-up cousin of last year’s big hit and Gen Xers favourite, lemon yellow. This barely there shade looks amazing with other modern pale pastels and suits a more structured look or a loose maxi dress that’s perfect for the beach. The perfect shade for spring and summer this gorgeous creamy shade suits everyone.

Think pink

If the Oscars’ red carpet and the recent S/S 19 shows are any guide, then shocking magenta pink will be in everyone’s wardrobes this year. A big, bold out there colour, it looks great colour blocked with turmeric or toned down with neutrals. This is the perfect shade if you want to make a splash and works brilliantly with navy in a modern floral print for show-stopping maxi dresses like these www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses.

California dreaming

Tie-dye never really goes away but this year’s incarnation is super zesty. The vibe is definitely surfer chic but the new tie-dye is sophisticated and can be found on anything from blazers to neoprene ballgowns. Hot pink, neon shades of yellow and green, rich orange and cobalt blue all combine to create a key look for the coming year.

True blue

Blue is having a moment in 2019 in shades ranging from a pastel clearwater blue reminiscent of spring skies through classic Princess blue to stormy Eclipse, a beyond navy that verges on black. Beautiful with the new pale camels, confident with gold, the new blues are just begging to be worn.

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