What is Cheltenham’s Famous Doughnut?

Locally known as The Doughnut and looking like an extra-terrestrial spaceship has landed, is Cheltenham’s Spy Base GCHQ.  Founded in November 1919 this is the Government Communication Headquarters and it is responsible for the gathering of security and intelligence.  The centre point for gathering information to provide to the armed forces and the Government.  Established originally just after the First World War to help crack enemy codes and decipher enemy messages GCHQ was responsible for breaking the German Enigma Codes.

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Employing well over five thousand staff the circular, metal and glass Doughnut shaped building is surrounded by a huge carpark and lies just on the outskirts of Cheltenham town.  The many glass windows reflect the sunlight like hundreds of piercing eyes looking out on the World and searching for trouble!  The windows in your home could be just as secure if a Cheltenham Double Glazing Company fits them for you.

As well as being renown for its security and intelligence gathering GCHQ have in the past, set the general public cryptic online puzzles to crack.  This unusual practise has been used not only to attract interest but to recruit new staff as well. The building itself appeared as the site of a “Dalek” attack, in the 2019 “Doctor Who” special entitled “Resolution”.  In 2016 GCHQ published a puzzle book that ended up selling more than 600,000 copies and the proceeds were all donated to Charities.

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