What is Medical malpractice and do you need cover?

 As the name suggests, medical malpractice is when something goes wrong. For the most part, it is mainly to do with Doctors and Nurses working in the medical profession, however this is not completely the case. It also applies to those that provide ear and other personal area piercing, the alternative treatment of acupuncture and even the work of a psychiatrist. What exactly is the definition?


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Malpractice is defined by an act that is negligent. What this means is that if something goes wrong, during a treatment or a practice that you are giving, you can be held liable for the damage to the person and be sued accordingly. These damages could be substantial if the courts take into  account factors like loss of earnings and the need for any corrective surgery (if required).


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This is why you should look at having some Medical Indemnity. In medical indemnity you are covered for any malpractice issue that could possibly come up. Medical Indemnity is essentially another kind of insurance that works exclusively to protect you should there be any issues. If you have any kind of beauty treatment or clinical operation as part of your business then you should seriously consider it.

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