Understanding how to use Rubber and its use in 2020

Rubber is a natural substance that we use to create a variety of items from cars and elastic bands right through to items that are created using Rubber Injection Moulding

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Here are some facts about rubber that those who work with it every day such as a Rubber injection moulding company will already know.

  • Rubber is created from natural sources as well as chemically created due to the increase in demand
  • Natural rubber is created from latex which is the sticky milky white substance that is produced from certain plants when they are cut.
  • There are thought to be over 200 plants that produce latex but the one that is used the most in the creation of natural rubber is the Rubber Tree also known as the Hevea Brasiliensis.

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  • Synthetic rubber is made from petrochemicals that are mixed with a number of other chemical compounds. This is the type of rubber that is used when creating car tyres.
  • Most natural rubber comes from the Far East where the rubber trees grow in their natural habitat.

So next time you get your car tyres changed or put on your wellington boots have a think about how far the rubber may have travelled to get to your product.

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