What Is Stagecraft and Does Your Chosen Band Have It?

When organising something as costly and significant as a wedding, it is fair to have high expectations all around. From the venue and food to the entertainment, you want to know that you’re getting the best possible service in every area for the money you are spending.

What Is Stagecraft and Does Your Chosen Band Have It

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Whether it’s a Dumfries or a Dorset wedding band, all musical groups live and die based on the quality of their performance. Here is a look at stagecraft and performing on stage, which is something that separates a mediocre performance from a memorable one.

What Is Stagecraft?

Essentially, stagecraft is the group term for the techniques and technical aspects that make a staged event – in this instance a band performance – successful. Technical aspects generally include things such as the use of lighting, props, scenery, sound quality, mixing, and even the chosen visual aesthetic.

Stagecraft techniques utilised by performers are mainly focused around keeping the audience engaged and focused. There are many helpful guides to stagecraft techniques that musicians can consult.

Does Your Chosen Live Band Have It?

Stagecraft for performers such as musicians is focused on dynamism and space management to provide the most memorable and engaging performance possible. Another crucial skill is being able to successfully read an audience and react in kind, assessing their current mood and preferences to best tailor the performance for them. Aspects of this type of stagecraft should be easy to spot and compare.

Groups such as fatcatsoulband.co.uk and most others will regularly update their websites with live recordings of their performances, and these materials are a great way to suss out whether the band you have your eye on is good at working the stage.

Most gigging musicians will be technically proficient, so there’s probably no great need to look for musical errors unless they’re major. Instead, observe how they transition between songs, maintain energy throughout a set, and even how they interact with the audience. As one helpful guide to musical stagecraft attests, fluency and communication are vital components.

Awkward pauses between songs, a lack of stage presence, little thought given to audience demographics or wants, and a lack of communication are often sure-fire signs that the band in question is lacking in stagecraft.

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