What makes a rental attractive?

What do tenants look for in a rented home? The properties with the following features are the ones most likely to be snapped up the quickest when a ‘To Let’ signs appear outside:

  1. A clean and modern

Tenants today are much pickier than they were in the past. Certain standards are expected, and those standards are increasing every year. Most tenants are on the hunt for fresh, contemporary and clean properties with modern bathrooms and kitchens. Even with older properties, the décor and fittings must be up to standard. Tired or run-down properties need not apply.

Hygiene is crucial too and a property should be spotless when new tenants move in. Cookers, ovens, bathrooms and kitchen surfaces in particular must be clean and shiny. Often a landlord will employ the services of a professional cleaning company in between tenancies.

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  1. Minor wear

A tenant can expect to move into a property with only minor wear and tear. They might wish to put their own stamp on the place and ask about redecorating. Many landlords are quite flexible about redecorating, as long as sensible choices are made, and the situation is handled well. It’s an important part of the tenant feeling at home in the property. For available property near you, think about a Gloucester Letting Agency like https://alexclarkglos.co.uk/

  1. Quick response times

Tenants want to know that any problems with the property will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. When emergencies occur with heating or water, for example, tenants don’t want to be stuck waiting on the landlord to return their call.

  1. Keeping costs down

Tenants are more concerned about living sustainably than ever before so any environmentally-friendly properties will be well-received. They also want to know up-front how much their energy costs are likely to be and are keen to keep them as low as possible. They will be looking for double-glazing as standard, modern heating systems, programmable thermostats and insulation in the walls and loft.

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  1. Outdoor space

A property with a good-sized area of low maintenance garden or decking and a garage are major plus points for tenants.

  1. Strong Security

As with any property, security is a big deal and a property with effective locking mechanisms on all doors and windows, double glazing, smoke alarms, a burglar alarm and outside sensor lighting are all important factors for tenants looking for a rental property.

  1. Accessible landlords

Tenants want to feel comfortable in their home, like it’s their own and they can do this better when they find their landlord is friendly, reasonable and approachable. Relationships tend to go bad when landlord’s make false promises, don’t carry out repairs in a timely fashion or don’t communicate well.

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