What to do at the seaside?

Families have been enjoying seaside holidays for centuries and despite our often-dubious weather, the UK has some wonderful coastal resorts with much to see and do. Here are some activities you must include in your next trip to the seaside:


There are many famous and iconic piers at seaside resorts across the country. Many have been lovingly restored to their former glory and packed full of family-friendly activities. You’ll discover fairground rides, amusements, shows, eateries and shops so even if the sun isn’t shining, you’ll keep everyone busy. Be sure to enjoy an evening stroll along the promenade and take in the lights as the sun goes down.

  1. Take a Dip

The UK waters can be a little chilly but whether you dip a toe, take a paddle or fully submerge, you’ll find it refreshing and surprisingly fun. Children love the shallow waters and it’s the perfect place for shell hunting and building sandcastles. Many beaches offer surfboards and wetsuits for hire for the more adventurous and paddleboats for family fun. Why not continue the seaside vibe when you return home? Nautical home décor pieces are a great way to relive those happy holiday memories.

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  1. Rock Pools

Kids and adults both enjoy finding the many fascinating creatures that live on the beach and in the sea. Spending time exploring the rock pools with a bucket and a net is all you need for a great family day out at the seaside. You might discover crabs, fish, starfish and shrimp. Remember to return anything you collect to its home.

  1. Donkey Ride

A great many beaches across the UK still offer good old-fashioned donkey rides for the children. Most children love this experience and it forms part of many people’s early childhood memories of seaside holidays.

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  1. Adults can vape

If your over 18 you can vape on the beach as there are some beautiful flavours that no one will mind the air vapour being near them. You can even get sea side flavours like candy floss.  If you live in Gloucestershire then a Vape Shop Gloucester site like www.lazyjuice.co.uk/ could be the site for you.  They offer good quality juices at reasonable prices and even offer free same day delivery in the Gloucester area.


  1. Beach Games

The wide-open expanse of a beach is the perfect place for getting active and playing games. Take along a frisbee, kite, or a bat and ball and get the whole family involved.  You can even get your canine pals to join in a game of catch the frisbee.

  1. Collect Shells

One of the most endearing things about a seaside holiday is how much fun little ones have collecting different types of shells. Anything and everything is a treasure find to them, whether it be shells, unusual pebbles, seaweed or driftwood. You can take the shells home and create decorations that will act as a great reminder of your time by the sea. Don’t forget to write your names in the sand using your finger or a stick.

  1. Seaside Cuisine

You can’t travel to the seaside without experiencing the joys of traditional seaside fare. Ice creams in a huge variety of flavours, fish and chips, local seafood restaurants with the fresh catch of the day. Candy floss on the pier and salty chips on the beach as you dodge the seagulls. No seaside holiday is complete without them.


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