What to Do with a Broken Window

There are many ways that you could end up with a broken window. It may be the result of a burglary, a stary football gone off course, or maybe some severe weather has caused it to break. You could also end up with cracks and breakages in the windows if they are very old an in need of repair, or if there is a large difference in temperature on the same window pane, which can cause the window to crack in places.

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The first thing to do if your window is broken is to make it safe. If there is glass that has fallen from it, it must be cleared up straight away. Move all children and animals from the room and use heavy duty gloves and a dustpan and brush to pick up as much as you can. It should then be disposed of correctly to avoid any future accidents.

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You can then hoover the floor to ensure that there are no remaining tiny bits of glass, and then you need to ensure that the window is secure for now. Depending on how it is broken you may be able to use duct tape or you may need to board it up.

When you get your window replaced, ensure that you use a qualified professional company such as Kingfisher windows Swindon – replacing a window can be dangerous and it is important that someone who is well trained does it to avoid any further dame or injury.

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