What to Expect from Your Fine Dining Experience

For a special occasion and to celebrate milestones that are important to those whom you love, you may want to consider making arrangements for a fine dining experience that will make the occasion memorable. There are some points to consider as you invite guests and make plans for your luncheon at one of the fine restaurants in Dublin with great friends and wonderful food.  Let’s take a look at some things to expect from your experience in an upscale restaurant.

Attention is Given to Details

One of the first things that you will notice in a fine dining restaurant in Dublin is the attention given to the details that all combine to enhance your experience. You’ll notice soft music, lighting that sets the tone, fine art on the walls, and table settings that add to the attractiveness of the entire restaurant. You will also notice that the service you receive in an upscale restaurant is second to none. The servers will have plenty of experience, will understand how to make your meal very special, and will work hard to keep your glass filled and your every desire met. A well-trained server can offer you some excellent wine selections, can recommend favourite entrees, and will be very familiar with the menu for the luncheon that you have planned with friends.

Planning Ahead is a Must

From what you wear to who is paying for the meal to the time of your lunch in Dublin you must plan ahead to avoid disappointment and embarrassment. In a nice restaurant you should wear clothing that is appropriate for the restaurant; men should wear jackets and ties and ladies should wear conservative styles. In order to be seated and served when you desire, you should phone ahead for reservations so that the restaurant can plan ahead for your arrival and prepare the waiting staff for the number of people in your party. Another idea that you may want to use is to preview the menu online before you go to the restaurant; exceptional restaurants have luncheon menus on their website so that you can decide what you want and review the cost of a total meal before the meal commences.

Payment and Tips

Keep in mind that the meal you receive in an upscale restaurant is going to be the best lunch in Dublin that you’ve ever had and your tipping should reflect the level of customer care that you are provided. You’ll want to pay the bill for your lunch in a timely fashion so that other guests may be seated to enjoy their experience as well. You should take note throughout the lunch about the level of service that you are getting, the attitude of your server, and if you are receiving the type of service that is indigenous with an upscale establishment. Many restaurants today are providing a tipping scale at the bottom of your bill but use your own judgement about how much money you will give your server for his care.

Whether you’re enjoying a celebratory luncheon in Dublin City Centre with friends or an evening out on the town with someone special you should expect the best food and service from a fine dining restaurant.

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