What your décor says about you

People can express their personalities in many different ways. Whether they decide to do it through fashion, body tattoos, the car they drive or the way they decorate their homes. You might not think the colours you choose or the furniture you place says a great deal about you, but it really does.

Colours and Patterns

Colour is probably the biggest indicator of what type of person you are. Someone who adorns their home with black and red is going to be considerably different to the person who choosing a neutral palette for their wallpaper, paint and furniture.

Darker colour choices demonstrate an edgier or more self-confident individual. Darker shades of the colour wheel show a bolder, more outgoing personality.

People who choose light-coloured fixtures and fittings are quieter, calmer and hopefully not very clumsy with the red wine either!

Here are what some colours say about you:

Red – someone passionate who enjoys indulging the five senses

Yellow – a logical thinker

Purple – someone who requires emotional stability, loves order and can be a bit of a perfectionist.

Orange- a sociable person who needs respect and acceptance form others

Brown – needs a safe life with family and friends extremely sociable, requires acceptance and respect from others

Patterns also give a good indication of who you are. Those who choose pinstripes demonstrate organisation and class. Zebra or animal prints show a wild spirit for example. Geometric patterns show a propensity for ordered thinking with perhaps a touch of perfectionism.

Consider other things that your furniture choices might be saying about you. A home with significant attention on the layout of large sofas and armchairs says they like company, entertaining and spending time relaxing. The home with minimalist design, hard edges and not-so-comfortable seating suggests a rather more unsociable atmosphere. The key is to find a happy medium between practicality and aesthetics. For a statement-making Tulip Dining Table, visit https://www.pash-classics.com/eero-saarinen-tulip-table-90cm.html

Think about the focal point

Where the focal point of your living room lies provides a good indication of your personality and the type of environment you want to create. Is the focal point of your living a room an artfully arranged coffee table complete with coffee table book or a pile of toys or dvds? To create the ideal atmopshere for entertaining, be sure to have plenty of seating and space for people to place drinks. For a focus on reading or relaxing, consider fireplace or stunning chair as a focal point.


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