How to pick the right grass for your law

Finding that lush green lawn to give you the finish you want is not an easy task. There is an enormous amount of work required to get that lawn into a decent shape but that the grass that you use is also very important.  A lot depends on what you want to use the lawn for. Is it just an ornamental one that no ball games or feet of any kind is allowed on or are you looking for hard wearing bit of turf that can take a bit of usage. Experts now believe that the best bit of grass is the Bermuda variety.

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Whatever grass you choose a decent lawn mower will be needed and Briggs and Stratton Parts can be found at What is it about the Bermuda Grass type that makes it such a winner for lawns? It comes from the Savannahs of Africa and the grass lands of India and it is essentially a weed. Weeds, being strong do make for a solid hardy plants and this was grown primarily as a pasture land for cattle and other domestic animals.

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What makes it so popular is that it is a very deep green lush colour. This makes it particularly popular for sports pitches and Golf courses. The fact that it is extremely hardy also helps. With Bermuda grass you can run, chop and generally mistreat it and it will keep coming back and retain its colour and vitality regardless of what you throw at it. It’s not just the physical aspects that makes it very popular. Beneath the soli it has a huge thick root system that enables all parts of the lawn to keep healthy. This root system also works to keep away insects, pests and grass diseases that would otherwise cause massive problems. One other factor is that the stuff pretty much grows anywhere as long as it has access to good strong sunlight (so it’s not totally suitable to some areas in Britain). It has even proven to be a good grow in coastal areas which are notoriously difficult to have a decent lawn in.

Its main selling factor is that it is extremely drought resistant. As mentioned before the root system ensures a solid storage of water and although it will brown in a drought as soon as rainfall occurs the grass soon returns to green quicker than other varieties. Its also comfortable in both Acid and Alkaline soil.

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