What’s the makeup of plaster?

Without plaster it would be very difficult for us to decorate our homes in the way that we would like. Plaster is that semi-hardy material that is applied to a wall if you want it to be smooth although increasingly it is also used as a board for internal walls in modern buildings and the home. What actually is plaster?

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As anyone from the Plasterers Gloucester based company http://pureplasterers.co.uk/ will happily tell you plaster is made up of three elements. These are gypsum, lime and cement and they appear in plaster in varying degrees depending on how white or grey you want them to be. It starts off as a powder and when water is slowly added to it it forms a thick, almost creamy, paste that can then be applied to the wall. This sets rock hard in a matter of hours, or quicker with a concentrated heat source.

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It requires great skill and a steady hand to get an even spread of the plaster by working it into any gaps and small fissures that the wall has in it. This requires a variety of tools of the trade, with many of them almost resembling a pallette like that of a painter. Good plasterers can have the room done quickly with minutes depending on its size.

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