Which? Trusted Trader Reveals the Worst DIY Disasters

When Which? surveyed their Trusted Traders, 78% of them had been called in to work on botched DIY jobs. From fixing a DIYer’s attempt to plumbing in a new loo or plastering a ceiling, the Which? traders had encountered the dangerous and messy results of untrained novices trying to do it themselves instead of employing a skilled expert.

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Here are some of the most common DIY disasters tradesmen are called in to help fix, with further details from Which?


Most DIY botches came when people tried to do their own plumbing, according to the Which? Trusted Traders surveyed. Whether it’s trying to change a kitchen sink without having a clue about which materials you need or incorrectly fitting a soil pipe to your toilet so it doesn’t drain away properly, there are plenty of plumbing disasters that could be averted by calling in the professionals to start with.


It’s not just fixing bits and pieces that people try to do themselves. Building new rooms isn’t beyond some people’s ambitions, with conservatories or extensions started using old materials leading to a leaking, cold and dangerous space. If you’re looking for conservatories suppliers who will be able to manufacture and fit a comfortable garden room for you without the stress of messing it up by doing it yourself have a look around.

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Electricity and Gas

You should always ask a qualified professional to do any work on your gas or electricity supply, but that hasn’t stopped some DIYers trying to fix problem boilers or cookers and ending up making the problem worse by turning them into potentially lethal fire hazards.  With gas at the forefront of your mind why not look at your Gas Meter Box as you don’t want this causing you problems either. A Gas Meter Box supplier will be able to show you different options when it comes to keeping it secure and safe and allowing you to take readings easier.

Decorating and Flooring

Tiling and laying floors can seem to be something a novice could learn to do themselves, but many tradesmen have been called out to fix a job that hasn’t been finished correctly, and they end up having to do more work taking out the botched job before they can fit a level floor or seamlessly tile a bathroom.

While we may all think it’s cheaper to do the work ourselves, employing a skilled craftsman from the start can save money in the long run, because the job will be done to a high quality and won’t need to be ripped out, repaired or replaced.

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