Which venues suit different music genres?

Most people want music at their venue, especially if the event is music-themed. There are many things to consider when booking live music and getting it right will have a big impact on the success of your event. The most important thing to get right, however, is the venue. Some venues are better for music than others. Booking a band to play in a huge echoey hall with only 30 guests isn’t going to work, even more so if the sound system is poor. Now, you can understand the importance of matching a venue with music you intend to have.

Live Rock ‘n’ Roll Band

A high energy live rock band craves a large venue as the sound needs to travel and not be contained in a venue that’s too small to soak up big ballads. Remember to ask your venue about loud music policies and whether there is a decibel limit. If there is, the band could use a noise limiter but consider whether this might affect their performance.

Check what time the venue closes, as you don’t want the night to end just as the band have whipped up the party to its peak. You’ll also want to ask about what sound system is available and the options for lighting. You’ll also want to find out the capacity of the dancefloor and if there any restrictions on the size of the band and what equipment they can bring. For Cotswolds Venue Hire, visit https://www.secret-spaces.co.uk/

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Chamber Trio

If you’re looking to book a classical music trio or string quartet, remember that your audience is likely to be older. This means considering seating, access and somewhere available for refreshments. As classical music can be light and gentle at times, it’s easy for the sound to be lost amongst a louder, chattier crowd of guests or a venue that’s got a high or cavernous ceiling.

Therefore, the perfect venue for classical music is a small to medium-sized location with a more intimate atmosphere. The sound will reverberate better in a venue like this, especially with the help of a little amplification. Remember to ask about the venue’s acoustics, such as whether there are brick walls or wood flooring or carpet and furnishings, for example.

Jazz Group

For hiring a jazz ensemble, your venue should ideally have a stage area large enough for the band members and all the instruments and kit. Similar to booking a rock band, check with your venue if there are any restrictions on how much can be brought to the venue. You’ll also want a dancefloor big enough to hold everyone who wants to get groovy!

Lighting is an important consideration with jazz music, as it lends itself to mood lighting and darker, more sultry atmospheres. The venue should also have a licensed bar and bar stools, with a good mix of seating and dance room for the change in tempo you can expect from a jazz band.

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Dance DJ

For high-octane dance DJ bookings, your ideal venue is not going to be anywhere too formal with a strict dress code or a posh wine bar, for example. You’ll need a bigger than normal dance floor, a booth for the DJ and a good bar set-up.

You’ll want to ask about closing times as a dance party is likely to last until the early hours of the morning. Ask about sound systems, lighting options and the possibility of setting up projectors and/or smoke machines.


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