Who knew boilers could be this interesting?

If you’re thinking about having a new boiler installed, or the need to book in a service because you think there is something wrong with your current one, here are some interesting facts you might not know to get the best out of your boiler:

  1. Boilers work by heating through radiation or convection heating

Some boilers emit radiant heat, because they heat certain things like the floor and not the air. Most boilers in the UK use convection heating, which heats the air itself. Whatever system is used, the heating action is the same. Water flows through the system and is heated in a central location. It is then pumped through the pipe, transferring heat to the radiators and heating your home.

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  1. Modern boilers are highly efficient

Boilers of the past used to get a bad press because they weren’t very energy efficient. Fortunately, the boiler has come a long way and modern units use between 85 and 99% of their fuel consumption, which is a big improvement. In the past, the figure was more like 50 to 70%. For an Essex Boiler Service, visit a site such as https://www.essexcountygas.com/boiler-service-repairs-wickford/

  1. Does a boiler actually boil?

You would think that the name suggests a boiling action takes place, but you may be surprised to learn that modern boilers do not boil the water in the system. Old boilers used to use steam to create heat, as well as boiling water to a temperature of 190F. Modern appliances no longer use the steam boiler system, making them more efficient, using less energy and yet still keeping your home toasty.

  1. A new boiler will save you money

If you are still operating an old boiler, an upgrade could save up to 30% on your energy bill today. Newer models are much more energy efficient. They use less energy to run and do not bring water to a full boil. This will save a considerable amount and you will see the benefits almost immediately.

  1. The importance of having the correct water pressure

Did you know that the water pressure in your boiler system is different from the one set in the whole system of your plumbing? Your boiler water pressure should be set between 12 and 15 psi for optimum functionality. Too low and you will not have enough heat, but too high and you can damage your system. You can easily reduce the pressure by bleeding the radiators and by adding more water into the system.

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  1. Does a water-based system mean more humidity?

Although a lot of water is involved, the boiler, in fact, provides dry heat. The entire system, including radiators and pipes are closed, so that the water does not escape anywhere to your home. You will not even see water vapour escape either, as components are made from non-porous material. You won’t therefore see any increase in the humidity in your home.

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