Why choose a hydraulic bending machine?

There are two common ways in which to bend metal: using a hydraulic bending machine or a press brake. When bending your metal unit, you need it to be the precise size and shape for its end use, so you will want to choose a machine that will give you that certainty. A hydraulic bending machine has all the necessary features to be best placed in the metal bending market.

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Advantages of a hydraulic bending machine

Hydraulic bending machines have a lot of advantages over their alternative counterparts. A bending machine can double as both a bend and a press. You do not need additional tools, as you would with a press brake, to make the correct bend. These systems are already included within the machine to make a versatile range of shapes with the material to create the desired shape.

With hydraulic bending machines, you can change the radius of the bend without having to change tools within the machine. You simply need to change the bending angle on the machine itself, which can often range between 20mm and 5000mm. A smooth curve is produced, and there are no marks on the finished product.

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If you are bending large metal sheets, you do not need two operators as you usually would with press brakes. The machine allows for the safety of one operator and the metal rests flat on the machine bed, so there is less risk of operator fatigue. While safety training is still recommended for use of the machine, less training is needed because most of the manufacturing is automated.

Increased efficiency

The efficiency of the hydraulic bending machine is increased because there is no change over time of tools, regardless of the model of machine you choose if you are looking at a range of bending machines from Cotswold Machinery Sales. The cycle is automated by the CNC and means that you can have an accurate repeat of a particular bend, shape or cut.

Finally, a hydraulic bending machine is equipped with a clamp to hold the metal in place for an accurate cut and bend, ensuring precision end products. The hydraulic bending machine is simply a more versatile and flexible way of creating forms in your metal products, and it is capable of producing any angle without an initial setup.

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