Why park home living could be perfect for you

As the UK housing market grows more competitive, a park home could be a good option for anyone wanting to live in a smaller home that has modern facilities and high-quality finishes.

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With the 2013 Mobile Homes Act legislating that all new-build park homes meet high standards of construction and the developments of luxury park homes located in desirable places across the UK, there aren’t any reasons to stigmatise park homes any more. Here are some of the top benefits of living in a park home.

Low cost

In comparison to a bricks-and-mortar house, park homes are cheaper. Many come with fittings and furnishings already installed. Park homes are generally more economical to run than normal houses, with water, heating and electricity costs reduced.


A high proportion of new-build park homes are fitted with solar panels or small wind turbines so they can generate a portion of their own electricity. The materials they are made from are often more eco-friendly than traditional bricks and mortar, with a lighter carbon footprint.

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Peace and quiet

Detached from any other home, park homes provide more peace and quiet than living in a block of flats or houses closely built to one another. They are usually located outside town centres and away from busy roads. The average park home resident is often of retirement age and wants to live a quiet life, making them good neighbours.

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Most park home communities have high levels of security installed as a reassuring measure rather than necessity. Vehicle registration at the front gate, parking permits, CCTV security cameras and site managers are all commonplace to prevent any trouble.

New laws are planned to further strengthen the protection local authorities can bring park home residents by enabling them to to set up a register of people who are deemed “fit and proper” to be site owners.

Small and sweet

Downsizing to a park home can cut the amount of cleaning and maintenance you need to carry out as they are usually smaller than residents’ previous homes – and sweeter for it.

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