Why we love a good wedding

Let’s face it, we all love a good wedding. There’s a feeling of pure joy and excitement when we receive a wedding invitation in the mail. They are happy, hopeful and beautiful ceremonies filled with love and positivity, commitment and promises. It doesn’t seem too hard to figure out why we all enjoy them so much.

Millions are spent on weddings every year. They are wonderfully diverse, bringing people together from all walks of life and reuniting families. Here are some unique aspects about weddings that makes them so much fun:

  1. Waiting to see the groom’s reaction when the bride walks down the aisle.

Seeing the look on the groom’s face as he turns to see his bride looking beautiful is a priceless moment that brings many a tear to the eye of family and friends. It’s also the moment when the bride’s dress is revealed, which is something all the women and girls have been desperate to see.

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  1. Listening to the vows.

Whether traditional or word the couple have worked on together, this is the romantic part that brings the tissues out in abundance. Will there be laughter and jokes or is the moment too special and heartfelt? This is a good indication of what kind of couple the bride and groom intend to be.

  1. Delicious and free food!

Whether it’s fantastic or average, food that is free always tastes great. Who doesn’t love a sit-down meal and an evening buffet all at someone else’s expense? Yes please, now fill your pockets. For help choosing the right Gloucestershire Hotel Wedding Venue, visit https://www.hatton-court.co.uk/gloucester-cotswolds-weddings

  1. The first dance

Waiting to see what song they’ve chosen, how they will interact and whether they’ve choreographed anything special is a moment we wedding guests look forward to. It’s a symbol of their love and commitment, a signal for the start of the evening celebrations and a moment we get to share with the couple that’s special and unique.

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  1. Father-Daughter dance.

This is one of the sweetest moments, a glimpse of the bride as a girl and her father as protector, handing over his role to her husband. It’s a heartfelt tradition, that normally causes a lump in the throat for all those watching.

Most speeches get a little dull, let’s be honest. The ones we love to hear come from the Best Man. This is the one that normally tells us something hilarious and cheeky about the couple, the groom and maybe even the bridesmaids! This is the time when formalities are over, ties are loosened, and laughter takes over.

  1. The disco.

We all love a good boogie and wedding discos always bring out the best, cheesy classics that fill any dancefloor. From the line of female family and friends doing the ‘Macarena’ to the drunk dancing of dads and uncles – dancing is the best way to celebrate the night of such a special occasion.

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