Why website images are so important

Many people respond better to visual displays of information rather than chunks of text, so bear this in mind when planning a new design for your website. Good use of imagery can be a real plus point for engaging your visitors and ultimately converting into a sale. Using social networks mean we are now used to processing images very quickly, coming to conclusions and forming opinions within seconds. Use of imagery for a website, therefore, must clear enough to get its message across almost instantly. Here are some tips to make imagery improve your site:

Attention-grabbing images

Imagery should complement your content and reflect your brand’s personality and values. Just because images need to be quick to understand, it doesn’t mean they have to be literal or dull. Think about how best to grab the user’s attention.

Be consistent with your use of images across all company communication, through social media and your website. This helps build on your brand identity and fosters greater trust levels with your customers.

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Selling Items

If you have a site that sells physical goods, it is vital to use a lot of high-quality imagery to display those products. A customer needs a solid sense of how the product looks, what it’s made from, dimensions and ideally some lifestyle shots to see it in situ or on a model.

Without the ability to feel a product, try to include 360-degree shots from every angle or the ability to rotate the item to see it in its entirety.  For help and advice with imagery on your site, think about contacting a WordPress Web Design London like https://happy2host.com

Be choosy with stock photography

Stock photography is often used by businesses with little available budget for in-house photography, but it can come across as inconsistent. If you need to use stock images, take some time before choosing a resource to use and only opt for sites offering a wide range of more creative shots.

Include team photos

Team images are great for customer engagement. They you’re your business a human face and an online personality. The internet can be a faceless and impersonal place, so a little personalisation can go a long way. Customers like to buy from people, so help them to connect with you by sharing photos of who works for the company.

Team photos and office shots can have further benefits in attracting potential employees, once seeing a glimpse of the atmosphere and culture at your business. It certainly makes an ‘About Us’ or ‘Contact Us’ page a lot more interesting!

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Various studies have concluded that more than half of all website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a site. That is why it’s extremely important to choose the right imagery for your business, as you only have a very short window of time to grab their attention.

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