Writing a good dance track

The best club music is that which unites people on the dancefloor and gets them moving! It has to be a song with a good beat that makes people want to dance. The secret to writing a great dance track is knowing your audience and knowing what will give them energy and motivation. Think of the songs that make you want to move. Some of the best artists often replicate beats or hooks when developing new sounds.

Choose a beat that gets you moving. It could be from any number of familiar genres like hip hop, club classics, techno or disco for example. Remember that music sounds better in clubs if it has a heavy bass for the speakers to pump out. The best way to see what gets people on the dancefloor is to visit a club. Have a great night out at Cheltenham Nightclubs like https://www.undertheprom.com/

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Record your beat, even if it’s just an idea that starts with clapping your heads. You then have the backing to add a tune to later. If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a studio or professional recording equipment, you could perhaps get a DJ or music producer to help get the beat recorded from which to grow your song.

When you’re ready to add any words, think of phrases that naturally flow with your chosen beat. A chorus is a very important part of a song, perhaps the most important and all great club tracks have a catchy hook that repeats throughout the track. This is easily remembered by those who hear it, long after the song has finished. The simplest hooks are by far the catchiest and most easily remembered.

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You will also need to write some verses for the song, unless it’s an instrumental of course! Once you’ve established the hook, construct your verses around the same theme. If you’re struggling for inspiration, most club songs are written about partying, relationships, night’s out, dancing and attraction. Club songs are normally upbeat, life-loving and celebratory, so reflect these feelings in your lyrics. Anything too deep, depressing or meaningful might not gel well with the upbeat tempo.

Choosing a title for the track is probably one of the best parts. Some songwriters like to come up with a title first, but it can be easier to get a feel for a title once the song is complete. Either way, you’ll want to choose a title that’s attention-grabbing, has good imagery, perhaps the name of a place or a well-known short phrase, for example.


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