Camping Abroad

If you’ve exhausted all the campsites in the British countryside, then you could consider trying a few abroad. There are tons of amazing places to camp across Europe which offer a chance to leave all your worries behind and enjoy a different culture at the same time.

One very unique place to visit is a rather primitive site in Sweden. There is no electricity or running water where you enjoy a wooden hut at the edge of Lake Skarsjon. Salmon fishing is available and so is a night safari to look for wolves, deer and beaver. The wooden huts, while simple, do offer a wood burner, bed and sheepskin blankets and special touches are a floating sauna that you can reach in the middle of the lake.

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How about spending the night at a giant glass dome? Col d’Ibardin in France offers accommodation in an eco-pod on the edge of the Pyrenees and the kids will love the pod hammock. If you are traveling with children, the children’s club and pool will keep them active and busy.

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For a tree house with a difference, Baumgeflauester forest in Germany has an amazing glass and wood cabin that is raised above the ground and equipped with underfloor heating. There is a nearby lake for water sports, high rope lines positioned between trees and the area boasts more than 200 miles of cycling and walking routes.

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