Crossing Scotland by luxury train with spa is already possible

We have talked about the charm that has to travel for a country enjoying the landscape calmly on its rail, but all experience can be improved and now crossing Scotland by train while you relax in your spa is possible. Luxury trip, quiet and very relaxed.

Of course it is not in a regular train, although they have a good service in the country do not reach so much, but with the Belmond Royal Scotsman, a luxury service for a few who want (and a lot of money) to enjoy Of the Highlands in the old style with great improvements.

Crossing Scotland by luxury train with spa is already possibleWhen we say that it is a trip for a few is because when it comes into service only 40 privileged can go since this is the limited capacity of the train. Those who decide to break the pig and ride this luxury train can choose between three to eight day tours that always leave Edinburgh’s Waverley station and from there go to the Highlands. But the crux of the matter is its approach as if it were an iron road cruise: scheduled stops and excursions ranging from Kyle of Lochalsh, Inverness, or Ballindalloch and Glamis Castles as well as whiskey distilleries.

Restaurant of high standard and 14 twin compartments, two doubles and four deluxe single, private bathroom with shower, with the same room service as a large hotel. And so that no one feels disturbed his dream is normal to stop in small stations during the night. Of course, there are etiquette rules when it comes to dinners and we recommend tuxedos or kilt for gentlemen and cocktail dress for ladies on gala days and jacket and tie daily.

But let’s go to what we care, the spa: two treatment cabins that do not leave the world’s most cuqui and luxurious place to go (previous step by box) if the visits to the distilleries and castles have left you exhausted . The best treatments for a train trip is certainly a religious experience. By the way, if you feel very salerosos and you want the train for you alone, with some friends, you can book whole . Prices? Well here you have them well explained, but to give you an idea, three days, all inclusive can start from 3000 €. Who knows, the same if we play a pool …

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