The tale of St Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland.

One of the most well known Saints of the Roman Catholic faith is that of St Patrick. He is the patron saint of Ireland but he is world renowned due to the fact that everyone seems to celebrate his saints day in March. What is the story behind this most famous saint? Why don’t you get some Aran Sweaters to look the part. One of the best ones is the Shamrock Gift Aran Sweater provided. Check out the website for some great options.

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St Patrick does not come from Ireland. He was born in England in the late to middle part of the first century. He was a fisherman who was captured by the Irish and taken as a prisoner to be a slave. However once in Ireland he makes the best of the situation working hard and learning the language of the Gaels.  He was able to earn the trust of his captors that they increasingly allowed him to roam further exploring the land about. He decided to escape and was able to stowaway on a ship so he could return home.

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Patrick then decides to take religious orders, a long held ambition. When the Pope ordered a mission to Ireland, Patrick is the ideal choice to go and spread the word of God. His time in the country has taught him the language. The humility and the knowledge of the locals to be able to convert them. He uses a Shamrock to explain the concept of the holy trinity and as a sign of his holiness he banishes all the snakes from Ireland.

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