Tips for fast boarding at the airport

If a few days ago I gave you some tips to make the flights more bearable, today we want to give you our tricks to quickly board the airport, without wasting time at check-in counters, luggage control and other areas that force us to be many hours Before our flight takes off.

Obviously not all will be applicable at all airports, since many of them do not have online services or do not allow the issuance of boarding passes from home or through the mobile phone, but if we get used to applying these tricks and tips, The time savings will be noticeable.

Tips for fast boarding at the airport1. Travel alone with carry-on luggage

My record is on a 15-day trip to Africa carrying only a cabin suitcase, and it’s all about organizing. We have already given many tricks to pack the rolled up t-shirts and put the boots and other utensils inside the shoes, but the first advice is not to carry things superfluous. Why carry something that will come back clean and unused?

Not having to check in luggage, we will not have to queue in front of the counters, nor wrap our suitcase with plastic to be safe, nor will we have to wait for it on the tape when we reach destination, as it will always be with us. The price will be traveling with less clothing, less shoes and less shelter.

Trick : For the flight, – although you go to Africa – is wearing the thicker sweater and the coat and so will not go inside the suitcase and you will have room for other things.

2. Have your boarding passes printed

Since you are not going to check in, you can carry your boarding cards already printed and so you do not have to queue with those who bill, or try the luck at the check in machines at the airport. From home, you can download your boarding card 24 hours to leave and thus, when you arrive at the airport you can go directly to the security control.

Tip : You can also download the card and carry it on your mobile if you find it more comfortable.

3. Have everything ready for security control

Being hand luggage, you will have to expose the suitcase to lightning check or visual inspection of the inspectors or police. Facilitate this task by preparing in advance the objects you have to teach : liquids, computers or tablets. So you will not waste time in the queue taking them out or you can overtake those who are looking for them in their suitcases.

Trick: As you have to remove your coat to pass through the rays, take advantage and put in your pockets all the metal objects, wallet, watch, coins, phone, house keys, etc and you will not waste time preparing another tray .

4. Look at airport information about your flight

What counter is in charge? What is my boarding gate? How long does it take to get to that door? The screens or information panels will indicate it. Stay in case you change the boarding gate, which happens relatively frequently.

Tip: If you see that in the indicated door there is nobody or you do not see your indicated flight, approach to check it again because they probably have changed the finger of your airplane.

5. Keep your documentation handy

Your passport or ID and the boarding pass will be required both for crossing the international zone and for boarding the plane.

Tip: Have them ready in the side pocket of your carry-on bag and always keep them there whenever you take them out. That way you’ll always know where they are and you will not have to look them up nervously if you suddenly do not find them.

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