Travelers book their trips increasingly advance through internet

Internet has become the main resource for travelers. Whether for leisure or pleasure, users venture into the online medium to look for deals and chart your trip plan.

As shown in the study by ResearchNow for Sociomantic Labs, customers use the internet to both booking the trip, as your accommodation, and other services required during the stay, such as car rental.

An activity for which they do not expect the last minute, but perform well in advance. The report indicates that when it comes to hiring a flight, more than half of online travelers (57%) make a reservation more than 2 weeks in advance. Meanwhile, 27% already have your ticket confirmed at least 3 weeks before.

Travelers book their trips increasingly advance through internetAn opportunity where brands can take advantage if they are able to develop a customized proposal, considering the online behavior recorded during the search process.

When deciding where to hire your flight online, almost all travelers (95%), both for business and leisure travelers, you prefer to use portals airlines.

However, the deals also attract these travelers. 75% of them are looking for holidays travel portals, waiting to find bargains. A practice that also uses 71% of customers flying on business, and 63% for hotel search.

Meanwhile, mobile devices play an important role in the process of searching and comparing offers. According to eMarketer estimated in May, travel sales made through these intelligent terminals will grow 59.8% this year alone in the United States. An increase representing a volume of more than 26 billion turnover (26.14), 10 thousand more than the previous year million (16,36).

The travel industry stands out as the most mature in terms of online trade.This boost travel sales through mobile devices has been directly motivated by the ongoing development and integration of smartphones and tablets in our day to day. These terminals promote access to information, and shopping online from anywhere, anytime. This has forced companies to improve travel customer experience through these new media.

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