Two things to do during the six weeks summer holidays near Slough

Probably one of the most unusual things to do during the long, six weeks summer holidays is to take a Duck Tour!  This is not actually spending time looking at ducks (though you might well spot a few) it’s a wonderful trip around Windsor in a duck!  That’s a very clever vehicle that can travel on land as well as water.  This very special water and land experience lasts approximately an hour and you can choose to spend more time on the water or the land with a package that suits you and your family.

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If the weather is wet, you may want to think about an indoor activity such as ice skating at the Slough Ice Arena. Not only can beginners or accomplished skaters take to the ice, but visitors can enjoy a climbing wall, and well-equipped gym.  The bespoke building is well maintained by a great team of caretakers, catering staff, instructors and handymen and women. They make sure the many visitors are kept well fed, receive great training and are kept safe.  If there was a crack in one of the sewer pipes, for example a professional  company (who could instal a new Drain Lining Slough) like  might well be contacted to repair the problem so the visitors could continue to have fun.

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There is also plenty of seating for the many spectators, who are protected from the fast and furious skaters by a fully glazed barrier.

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