Thieves are using hi-tech scanners to duplicate electronic vehicle locking systems

Vehicle security is undergoing a technological arms race, with automakers integrating smarter systems to thwart thieves and criminals keeping pace with new strategies designed to circumvent them.

Thieves are using hi-tech scanners to duplicate electronic vehicle locking systems

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The latest trend is for crooks to make use of cutting-edge scanners which can be used to copy the key information that lets them steal flagship executive cars, according to an investigation by the BBC’s Watchdog programme.

Core complaints

Manufacturers argue that the biggest problem is not that the locking systems in place on modern cars are capable of being compromised by malicious third parties, but that the equipment that makes this a possibility is easy to procure online.

The scanners harnessed by thieves are available to buy and can be used to create a duplicate of keys for vehicles from prestigious brands including Audi, BMW and Range Rover. And the duplication process can take as little as ten seconds, meaning crooks need a tiny window of opportunity to carry out a successful theft.

With thousands of vehicle thefts a year attributed to this type of attack, while manufacturers are seemingly unwilling to take responsibility for the apparent faults in their systems, this is a serious problem that may become greater as more cars move to this type of locking technology.

Commercial concerns

It is not just high end cars that are being targeted by thieves. LCVs remain at risk of being attacked, whether by individuals who intend to steal the van itself or by groups who want to gain access to the valuable goods and equipment which may be stored on board.

Thieves are using hi-tech scanners to duplicate electronic vehicle locking systems2

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The good news is that a low-tech approach is often the best option for those who own a van which they want to protect. Investing in van locks from companies like is a sensible idea, especially since more traditional locks can add an extra layer of security without relying on electronic systems that can be compromised.

It is also worth keeping up to date with the latest developments in vehicle crime to avoid becoming a victim. New tactics, such as ‘peeling’ down the doors of vans, are often arising –

By taking precautions and keeping abreast of the emerging trends, avoiding van theft can be made much easier, even in an age when technology is playing a bigger role in the industry.

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