Retailers strengthen their online strategy from a perspective omnichannel

Retailers have closed ranks around the mobile marketing and social networks, in order to boost your strategy ahead of the Christmas season, as shown BDO.

According to the Retail Compass Survey, retailers have struggled to increase its budget for this year (1.1%) compared to the slight decline registered last season. It highlights the commitment to mobile marketing, which will invest 49% of the companies surveyed, compared with 38% who did so in 2013.

Retailers strengthen their online strategy from a perspective omnichannelNot only are more companies that allocate their resources to mobile marketing, but investment in this area will increase by 14% this time, compared to 6% that we saw in 2012. The prominence of mobile devices throughout the buying cycle It makes clear the need to bet heavily on intelligent terminals.

Thanks to its mobile strategy, retailers intend to be present at the decisive moments of the buying process, with a designed to cover all points of contact strategy.

In addition, social networks have greater weight than ever in online marketing strategy that retailers have prepared. According to the survey, investment in 2.0 channels increase by 84% this year. This already represents 19% of the total; 5% more than the previous year.

Facebook continues to be the social platform that captures much of the investment in Social Media. It represents 76% of the total, while Twitter is listed second.

Another interesting aspect of this study is collecting the concern by retailers, offering a omnichannel experience. In this regard, 100% of respondents said maintaining the same pricing policy, regardless of the sales channel, while 85% offer the same strategy promotions, and 86% is improving in the way of shipping and delivery of orders.

The data show that retailers finally think about digital, and have begun to use these channels to increase brand presence and impact across all channels. Also noteworthy concern about the customer experience, and the need to maintain the same strategy across all channels.

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